ECACO Membership Listing

Aecon Industrial

150 Sheldon Dr

Cambridge ON  N1R 7K9

T:  519.653.3200

F:  519.621.8430

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Michael Parker, ECACO Director

AIM Industrial Inc.

29 Cherry Blossom Rd

Cambridge ON  N3H 4R7

T:  519.747.2255

F:  519.747.4617

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Scott Henrich

Alltrade Industrial Contractors Inc.

560 Sheldon Dr

Cambridge ON  N1T 0A4

T:  519.740.1090

F:  519.740.8776

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Bob Ritzmann, ECACO Director

ARC Brothers Electric Ltd.

265 Hanlon Creek Blvd  Unit 6

Guelph ON  N1C 0A1

T:  519.822.7959

F:  519.822.7064

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Angelo Saltarelli

Canem Systems

4-500 Jamieson Pkwy

Cambridge ON  N3C 0G5

T:  519.807.0043

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Peter Brodimas


250 Royal Oak Rd

Cambridge ON  N3E 0A4

T:  519.650.8799

F:  519.650.5707

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Patrick Fitzgibbons

Couch & Company

1439 Gingerich Rd

Baden ON  N3A 3J7

T:  519.634.9634

F:  519.634.8055

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Ted Couch


473 Douro St

Stratford ON  N5A 3S9

T:  519.271.1981

F:  519.273.4885

E:  [email protected]

E:   [email protected]

Contact:  Tim Culliton or Jason Parsons

Danco Electric

100 Park St

Kitchener ON  N2G 1M6

T:  519.743.4813

F:  519.743.3283

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Dan Bjerre

Diamond Pro Trades o/a Diamond Electric

165 Imperial Rd N

Guelph ON  N1H 3B8

T:  519.780.7120

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Tim Renaud

Dundee Trades

PO Box 28, 1423 Bridge St

New Dundee ON  N0B 2E0

T:  519.616.1448

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Paul Lowry

Eby Electric

138 Shephard Pl

New Hamburg ON  N3A 2E5

T:  519.635.7642

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Todd Eby

Edge Electrical Solutions Inc.

A17-550 Parkside Dr

Waterloo ON  N2L 5V4

T:  519.747.3343

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Kevin Bechtel

Electrade Electrical Contractors

78 Maplecrest Dr

Breslau ON  N0B 1M0

T:  519.648.3532

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Jon Fraser

Electricomm Services (Ont.) Ltd.

162 McIntyre Dr, Unit 4

Kitchener ON  N2R 1E8

T:  519.895.0777

F:  519.895.1068

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Gerry Flatt

Enasco Limited

8 Grand Ave, Unit D

Kitchener, ON N2K 1B3

T:  519.884.2330

F:  519.884.8956

E:  inf[email protected]

Contact:  Kalvin Dorsch

Engineered Electric Controls Ltd.

230 Sheldon Dr

Cambridge ON  N1T 1A8

T:  519.621.5370

F:  519.621.6562

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Sherry Collings


1477 Bishop St N

Cambridge ON  N1R 7J4

T:  519.620.4414

F:  519.620.4413

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Damian Kulasingham

Eric Hunter Electrical Services

71 Obermeyer Dr

Kitchener ON  N2A 1P5

T:  519.496.3846

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Eric Hunter

Evans Industrial Installations Ltd.

185 Curtis Dr

Guelph ON  N1K 1S9

T:  519.766.1772

F:  519.766.1504

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Kevin Riley

Fritz Electric Inc.

50 Durward Pl

Waterloo ON  N2L 4E4

T:  519.576.4560

F:  519.576.5870

[email protected]

Contact:  Ted Spieker

G.K. Sullivan's Electric Inc.

18 Spencer Ct

Kitchener ON  N2R 1C5

T:  519.748.6680

F:  519.748.6505

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Garry Sullivan

Gemor Electric Limited

1553 King St N

St. Jacobs ON  N0B 2N0

R:  519.664.2426

F:  519.664.3605

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Jamie McLaughlin

H&R Industrial Services Inc.

490 Dutton Dr  Unit B2

Waterloo ON  N2L 6H7

T:  519.807.0548

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Dean Hughes

Harlock-Schultz Electric Inc.

19 Malcolm Rd

Guelph ON  N1K 1A7

T:  519.824.3680

F:  519.824.2750

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Brad Killinger

Home-Pro Electric

407 Nyberg St., A-8

Kitchener ON  N2G 2Z1

T:  519.885.8268

F:  519.885.7339

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Jason Vincent

Horizon Electric Inc.

5-420 Erb St W  Suite 434

Waterloo ON  N2L 6K6

T:  519.885.9600

F:  519.885.9800

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Brian Litschgy

Job-Inc. Electric

282 Breithaupt St

Kitchener ON  N2H 5H5

T:  519.749.2183

F:  519.749.2183

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  John O'Brien

L.T. Weber Electric Inc.

55 Northfield Dr E  Suite 200

Waterloo ON  N2K 3T6

T:  519.954.2775

F:  519.954.6772

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Lance Weber

Live Electric

100 Raglin Rd

Cambridge ON  N1T 1Z5

T:  519.265.8566

F:  519.265.8565

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Nick Mammoliti, ECACO Director

MWS Solutions

612 Colby Dr

Waterloo ON  N2V 1A1

T:  519.886.2475

F:  519.886.4128

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Chris Miller

Mendler Electric Inc.

35 Meadowbrook Dr

Kitchener ON  N2N 1E5

T:  519.616.1733

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Dave Mendler

P&S Electric Ltd.

70 Watson Pkwy S  Unit 1

Guelph ON  N1L 0C3

T:  519.265.6096

F:  519.265.1646

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Doug Parsons, ECACO Director

Paul Reitzel Industrial

111 Sunpoint Cres

Waterloo ON  N2V 1T5

T:  519.897.7744

F:  519.746.5707

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Paul Reitzel

Process Electric & Controls Inc.

555 Conestoga Blvd

Cambridge ON  N1R 7P5

T:  519.622.5520

F:  519.622.5852

E:  [email protected]

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Jeff Snyder or Adam Willshire

Roberts Onsite

209 Manitou Dr

Kitchener ON  N2C 1L4

T:  519.578.2440

F:  519.578.2979

E:  [email protected]

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Dan Moore or Dave Reed, ECACO Director

SCI Contractors Inc.

PO Box 400

Stratford ON  N5A 6T3

T:  519.273.5666

F:  519.273.5690

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Gerry Schmidt

SRB Technical Services

6557 Ellis Rd

Cambridge ON  N3C 2V4

T:  519.223.7667

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Rick Butler

Sutherland-Schultz Ltd.

140 Turnbull Ct

Cambridge ON  N1T 1J2

T:  519.653.4123

F:  519.653.3232

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Jon Milton

TM3 Inc.

250 Royal Oak Rd

Cambridge ON  N3E 0A4

T:  519.650.7444

F:  519.650.5707

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Terry Moore, ECACO Director

Tilco Electric Ltd.

585 Third St

London ON  N5V 2C1

T:  519.453.2441

F:  519.453.3978

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Mike Tilson

Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.

250 Royal Oak Rd

Cambridge ON  N3E 0A4

T:  519.650.7444

F:  519.650.5707

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Terry Moore, ECACO Director

Trade Service Group Inc.

6-25 McIntyre Pl

Kitchener ON  N2R 1H1

T:  1-877-548-7688

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Mike Wernie

Tri-Electric Solutions Ltd.

108 Bonnie Cres

Elmira ON  N3B 3J8

T:  519.568.7883

F:  519.634.9957

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Jason Jackson, ECACO Director

Verve Electric Inc.

68 Iron Gate St

Kitchener ON  N2N 3R6

T:  519.362.5598

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Nathan Parsons

Volteric Electric Inc.

211 Victoria Rd S

Guelph ON  N1E 5P9

T:  226.500.0454

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  Eric Worfolk

W.S. Nicholls Construction Inc.

48 Cowansview Rd

Cambridge ON  N1R 7N3

T:  519.740.3757

F:  519.740.9752

E:  [email protected]

Contact:  John Barr


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